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TCAD simulation is a challenge, not because the equations and models are so complicated but because each simulation result is immediately compared to experiments and used in manufacturing.

TCAD device simulation tools have a good modeling base, but the physical reality is so complex that the degree of simplification is still very high. Because of that calibration is so eminently important.

With the resources on this membersite we want especially to support the calibration of TCAD device simulation. For a good calibration reliable material parameters and efficient calibration methodologies are of utmost importance.

On this membersite most of information is behind a paywall and can be accessed by a yearly fee (see below).

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Currently the following information (pdf-documents and excel books with VBA macros) is only available for our members:

Bandgap data for AlGaN, Ga2O3, and SiC
Presentations for SiC and AlGaN device simulation

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