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TCAD simulation for electronic circuits

SemicoMatCalc GmbH

  • SemicoMatCalc GmbH based in Dänikon, canton Zurich in Switzerland, was
    founded in April 2023 by Dr. Axel Erlebach.

  • SemicoMatCalc GmbH aims on supporting semiconductor device simulation by providing models, data sheets, and scripts as products that are available for "as is" download.

  • SemicoMatCalc GmbH provides consulting and education for semiconductor physics and device simulation .

Axel Erlebach studied theoretical physics and got his PhD in semiconductor physics. He worked for more than 36 years in research institutions (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft), in the semiconductor industry (Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden) and in companies dealing with the development of TCAD software (ISE AG, Synopsys). His experience is centered  around the simulation and modeling of semiconductor devices and sensors. Axel Erlebach has published 78 articles and one book, holds several patents, has led and participated in many international research projects, and has on site work and consulting experience in the semiconductor industry in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, China, and the USA.

You can find more information and social media access with the links below:

SemiconMatCalc: LinkedIn

Axel Erlebach: LinkedIn

On this website you can find a store from which you can buy and download our products.

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