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TCAD and semiconductor device simulation

Device Engineering and Simulation

Material parameters

Simulation models

Next Release

July 2024

Masses in AlGaN

TCAD device simulation

Working on

Masses in AlGaN

Mobility in AlGaN

Working on

Transport modeling: Ballistic transport

​Device simulation methodologies for wide band gap materials

About us

SemicoMatCalc GmbH

SemicoMatCalc GmbH based in Dänikon, canton Zurich in Switzerland, was
founded in April 2023 by Dr. Axel Erlebach.

SemicoMatCalc GmbH provides consulting and education in semiconductor physics and for device simulation models.

SemicoMatCalc GmbH also aims on supporting semiconductor device simulation by providing models, data sheets, and scripts as products that are available for "as is" download or delivery. 

Dr. Axel Erlebach

Axel Erlebach studied theoretical physics and got his PhD in semiconductor physics. He worked for more than 36 years in research institutions, in the semiconductor industry and in companies dealing with the development of TCAD software.

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We offer material data and models that help in simulating and investigating semiconductor devices. 


We offer presentations and lectures that help in simulating and investigating semiconductor devices.



Consulting for TCAD device simulation

Please contact us via email ( or via the contact form if you have questions or requests with respect to material parameters and/or semiconductor physics. We also prepare and deliver customized material parameter data sets as a service.

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